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2022 SACD Rules & Regulations For Cheer
2022 SACD Rules & Regulations For Cheer
The 2022 American Recreational Cheerleading Rules and Regulations are here!
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The New 2022 Spirit American Cheer and Dance (SACD) Rules and Regulations are here! It gives us great pleasure to announce the 2022 SACD Rules and Regulations for ALL teams to follow as we move to a "National Standard" for Youth Teams and Organizations. This "expanded platform" incorporates those rules that apply the High School level giving YOUR athletes the best opportunity to excel in Youth Cheer. These new standards set the "baseline" for Organizations to follow allowing them to accent existing organization* rules in order to create a format across the Cheerleading World to allow for fairness, safety and support for Managerís & Coaches. The SACD Rules and Regulations format one (1) set of Score sheets for Cheer, along with Technical Score sheets. The SACD Rules & Regulations also address thorough Rubrics for Cheer allowing each Manager & Coach to bring out the very best in their athlete and to maximize scoring! SPECIAL NOTE: This rule book IS NOT intended to replace existing rules, regulations, and categories of ANY cheer organization. It is intended to serve as a "baseline" for Youth Skill Development.
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